The History of The Skirt

Posted by Leatherotics on 19th Feb 2021

The History of The Skirt

At Leatherotics we specialise in top quality leather and suede skirts, but the skirt itself has a varied and often mystical past of its own. They’ve been worn by men, women and religious faiths and leaders throughout the ages. The skirts origins stem from prehistoric times, where wearing garments was the main source of protection from the hostile environment, our original ancestors lived in. From the Pharaoh’s of Egypt to the Gladiators of Rome, the skirt has been immortalised throughout history as a firebrand of power and prestige.

Over the centuries, the skirt has evolved within different societies and cultures, and across different continents, races and religions. It’s no longer just a protective garment, but a statement of a person’s style and individuality, and in some cases, their lifestyle choices. Our boutique, full-grain and top-grain leather and suede skirt range is the perfect reflection of these influences. The versatile nature of skirts makes them a go-to piece in anyone's modern-day collection, male or female, day or night.

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Personal tastes and styles in skirts can be heavily influenced by factors stemming from fashionable trends and social movements, but it can also depend on the height and shape of the wearer to achieve the most flattering fit and feel. Their versatile nature makes them a go-to piece in anyone's modern-day collection. From the classic leather skirt look to something more daring.

The Evolution of The Leather Skirt

Leather skirts have a history of their own and have featured as part of some the worlds most famous fashion designers catwalk collections, including Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood. Gautier was often on camera wearing a leather jacket paired with a leather skirt, in a myriad of designs.

Vivienne Westward created fetish garments which were sold to prostitutes in London but these items were quickly adopted by The Punk Movement in the 70s as a show of anarchy and rebellion. The overall Punk style usually combined with Mohawk hairstyles and chunky Dr Martins. This look was worn by the like os the Sex Pistols and The Cure, the British Punks in the music scene raged against society in Leather.

These gorgeous garments became more mainstream, after making it big in the ’80s. Leather skirts featured in films, on fashion icons and boldly walked into the professional office as part of the female work wardrobe. They became a symbol of freedom and the power of women to dress for themselves, not the male-dominated culture of the western world.

Then there’s the world of bondage and BDSM, where the look and feel of soft and supple full-grain leather is like a that of a second skin. It’s durable, easy to clean and sexy and luxurious, all at the same time. Whether you want to dominate or be dominated, leather is the perfect accessory.

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Tips and Hints for Finding the Right Skirt

The different shapes of the female figure are most commonly described using the following terms and will help to identify the most flattering fit for the desired occasion.

Apple – This shape is used to describe a figure where the shoulders and bust are broader, and the hips narrower.

Pear - This shape represents women whose hip measurements are greater than the measurement of their bust, giving a fuller figure.

Hourglass – The hourglass is the shape where the bust and hips are almost of equal size, with a narrow waist in-between.

Banana – Where a woman’s waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurement, the term Banana shape is commonly used.

Understanding Your Style

When it comes to choosing the right leather skirts for you it also depends on the reason, you’re wearing them. If you’re heading into the office, then a sleeker, more fitted look is on-trend, but if you’re heading to a lifestyle club, it will depend on the type of attraction you want to garner, and possibly, what your partner or playmate is looking for that evening. Your leather skirt can be replete with buckles, lacing, pleating or high line slits, and that’s what makes leather skirts so enticing. This is why they’ve become an integral garment when it comes to the erotic desires of the night. And don’t forget a gorgeous Leather skirt feels soft, supple and luxurious against bare skin.

If its lunch or drinks with the girls, you’ll want to stand out, but for all the right reasons and your style is the perfect way to add some glamour, especially with carefully chosen and co-ordinated top-quality leather. Fitted blouses and heels or long boots are a go-to accessory for this kind of occasion. Leather gloves are a demur addition for a winter or evening wardrobe choice.

Once you understand your body shape leather skirts can be an exquisite way to highlight your curves and height. Your legs will be transformed and so will the way you walk or perform. Your clothes can make you feel like a million dollars and the right skirt will ensure you look like a shining star.

Why Do We Love Leather Skirts?

Simply, because they are unique. Top-quality leather takes on its own personal style, as it warms and adjusts to your shape and movement. No matter what the occasion, leather delivers a look which creates attention and turns head. From professional settings to evenings out, the leather look sets you apart from the crowd. Handmade and handcrafted, our leather skirts are as different and individual as you are.

The Eclectic Past of The Skirt

It’s been cited that the skirt was the second ever garment of clothing to be invented and since then it hasn’t stopped changing with the times and cultures of the globe.

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Then there’s the super-hot mini, which accentuates the full length of your legs and looks amazing paired with high heels or thigh-high boots. The mini’s so hot, it started a fashion revolution of its own, back in the ’60s, and catapulted the feminist movement into mainstream culture. Women were to here to be seen and heard! There was an outcry from the establishment but the Mini made its mark and, thankfully, is here to stay.

The mini skirt is a world away from the Victorian Empire where skirts often represented the wealth of the husband or man of the house. Queen Victoria herself took the utmost care in choosing the designs for skirts and dresses when she entertained guests and dignitaries from foreign lands. Different styles, fabrics and patterns were incorporated but the flowing fabric skirts remained firmly ankle-length throughout this period. Just think of Downton Abbey and the variation of elaborate costumes between the upstairs household and downstairs servants. They demonstrate the hoop line design of skirts mixed with Crinoline, whilst the servants wore more streamlined and basic designs.

Why Choose Us?

At Leatherotics we understand that the skirt you choose to add your collection whether it be day or nightwear is a reflection of you and your style. No matter the shape and cut of your skirt from Maxi, Micromini, Kilt, hobble skirt, Circle, Bell, A-Line, through to the much-loved pencil skirt, we’ve got the perfect design available in our boutique leather skirts range. We can also custom-make items, so don’t hesitate to get in touch, with us and we’ll endeavour to create and deliver the skirt of your dreams.