Black Underbust Leather Corset for Men Tight Lacing Steel Boned Top

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This leather underbust corset for men has a traditional lace back which keeps the corset tight, providing the wearer with a fitted waist and an enhanced hourglass shape. Normally worn as a main display piece as opposed to under other clothing, this corset will command all the attention you deserve. Whether you want to tease or dominate, in the privacy of your home, or get all the attention at a fetish party, this corset will certainly do the job.

The steel bones within the corset and a front steel busk help to define its curvy shape, whilst a waist-trimming band offers extra support for tight lacing. This classic men’s corset wipes clean for easy care and is the perfect addition for any fetish collection. Our measurement guide is below, and we recommend that you purchase this corset in a size that’s 3-4 inches smaller than your natural waist.

Your Natural
22" / 54-57 cm 18"
24" / 59-62 cm 20"
26" /   64-67 cm 22"
28" /   69-72 cm 24"
30" /   74-77 cm 26"
32" /   79-82 cm 28"
34" /   84-87 cm 30"
36" /   90-93 cm 32"
38" /   95-98 cm 34"
40" /   100-103 cm 36"
42" /   105-108 cm 38"
44" /   110-113 cm 40"

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  • 5

    Posted by A Taylor

    Product has helped my back issues immensely

  • 5
    Corset Review

    Posted by Lou Barry

    I purchased the men's underbusk corset because of back pain I was experiencing and needed the support it offered. I ordered the corset in leather with a leather lining as I wanted rigid support and long wear. I also requested a zipper front closure for easy on/off as I did not need really tight lacing. In all instances the Leatherotics staff were very obliging in adhering to my requests and I must say I was extremely pleased with the final result and my back has never felt better. The leather is of very high quality and the workmanship is second to none. I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking a high quality leather garment

  • 5
    Leather Corset

    Posted by Sami Elias Aslan

    I have been wearing these corsets now over one year. They support my back. it is an excellent corset. The leather it is made off is perfection. It holds my back upright, as I suffer from a spinal injury and my back muscles are not strong enough to hold my back when sitting for a long time. I am fully wheelchair dependant. I am ordering another 2 of them, since I have already used up 3 of these corsets now. I cannot do now without them. So I am changing the measurements in the hope that the size problem improves. Thank you for these corsets, you are a life saver.

  • 5

    Posted by Mikie

    I am a 39 in natural waist and I ordered size 34. Perfect fit. Tight with plenty of opportunity to close further. However after the 3rd wearing the corset developed a tear. Leatherotics replaced. Excellent service and great product. I have already ordered a training coset too..

  • 5
    Tightly laced men's corset

    Posted by Oubache1

    Because I am short-waisted and barrel-chested I ordered a custom corset. It fits comfortably, supports my lumbar spine firmly, and looks good.

  • 5
    Best I have felt about a product.

    Posted by tracy loop

    Just, got it today. and I am wearing it. it helps my bad lower back out, and looks great as well. Will be making more orders. Thank you.

  • 5
    Amazing and received in record time

    Posted by Nick Broom

    Ordered on a Monday, received on the Wednesday! High quality leather, incredible smell, superb construction. Can't recommend highly enough!

  • 5
    High quality item and excellent customer service

    Posted by Ben

    I was hesitant about ordering at first, because I had never ordered a corset online before so did not know what to expect, or how long to expect to wait. I had heard from others to expect up to 6 months for a custom made corset to arrive, so I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived the week after I ordered it. The corset itself is very high quality and very comfortable. Overall; great price, great quality and excellent customer service!

  • 5
    Niiiiice :-)

    Posted by Vincent

    Excellent cut and comfortable fit. Very well finished. Nice to wear, nice to look at. I like it.

  • 5
    Restriction and fancy dressing

    Posted by Rob

    Bought this a while back, had to get it made to measure for reasons known as being a bit bigger. It, is, awesome. Mistress loves it.

  • 5

    Posted by Stein

    This corset is about to change my life, I am stuck in the feeling beeing tightly corsetted, and are hoping to lace down and buy me a new one within the short future.Tightlacing will be my life from now on, I just love it.

  • 4
    The new slim me, without going on a diet.

    Posted by Shelby

    This well made corset is first one that I've owned. It fits snugly and has taken 2 inches off my waist. With a bit more use and practice I expect to take another 2 inches off. An excellent buy for the first time corset wearer.