Tan White Wrist Ankle and Collar set 5 piece

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Tan White soft Leather Lockable roller buckle set.

Explore multiple bondage possibilities offered by these heavy-duty tan white leather arm, ankle, neck set. The padded lining provides comfort and conformity, and the buckles let you lock them up tight. Your partner will be completely powerless against domination and obedience.

Two D-rings on each cuff can be used with chains, rope and other bindings for the ultimate fulfilment of your fantasies.
Lined with sheepskin for extended periods of wear you can lose yourself in hours of excitement and pleasure.


2 x  Leather Cuffs with  D Ring, and Lockable roller buckles for Wrists.
Size to fit from 7 to 10 inches

2 x   Ankle cuffs with D Rings, and Lockable  roller buckles for Ankles
Size to fit from 8 to 11 inches

1 x  Adjustable Collar with Lockable buckle.
Size to fit from 14" to 16" inches