Basque Waist Trainer Plus Size Satin UnderBust Corset Black 1811B

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Under Bust Corset

This underbust Sexy Plus Size Corset skims over your skin and accents your figure with 14 steel bones. The tight-lacing back creates a shapely silhouette, and the modesty panel offers a smooth look. Choose traditional black satin or select red or blue brocade—grab one in each color, and wear them to match your mood.

Please don't be surprised with our low prices, We know there are companies out there selling same quality corsets for 10 times the prices but you don't have to pay silly prices anymore. Please order with confidence with a refund guarantee from us.

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Your Natural
Front Length Side Length Back Length
22'' / 54-57 cm 18'' 10 9.50 10
24'' / 59-62 cm 20'' 10.25 9.75 10.25
26'' / 64-67 cm 22'' 10.50 10 10.50
28'' / 69-72 cm 24'' 10.75 10.25 10.75
30'' / 74-77 cm 26'' 11 10.50 11
32'' / 79-82 cm 28'' 11.25 10.75 11.25
34'' / 84-87 cm 30'' 11.50 11 11.50
36'' / 90-93 cm 32'' 11.75 11.25 11.75
38'' / 95-98 cm 34'' 12 11.50 12
40'' / 100-103 cm 36'' 12.25 11.75 12.25
42'' / 105-108 cm 38'' 12.50 12 12.50
44'' / 110-113 cm 40'' 13 12 13

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  • 3
    Wrong size

    Posted by virpi

    Sizing is quite difficult. Now this is way too small. The one orderes two years ago was too big.

  • 4
    good quality

    Posted by Ema

    Well made and good quality. My only complaint is that I did not receive it on time but that does not affect the quality. Customer service need to improve though. Happy with my waist trainer and going to buy more.

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Lina

    Love everything about it, it's great quality and looks really good on me :) Surprisingly comfortable to wear.

  • 5

    Posted by Katja

    Just got this one yesterday. I absolutely love how it fits and looks on me. Great quality and gives you an opportunity to tie it up really snug., but even when it's not tightened up too much it gives you an amazing figure. Makes me feel beautiful and sexy! :)

  • 5
    my first corset

    Posted by Janoska

    I've had this corset for a week now and I'm still working on breaking it in. From the moment I tried it on I was in love! It feels like good quality and it's very comfortable! I'm looking forward to getting it fully broken in and eventually, closing it up! Thank you leatherotics!

  • 5
    BEST corset ever

    Posted by Marie

    So I literally waited a year before placing a review about this product, because i hate reviewing things and then for them to disappoint me afterwards. That's why I have to say, this corset is the best, great quality, comfortable, especially if you have a short torso like I do, it sit perfectly and doesn't feel uncomfortable when sitting. which happens a lot with too long corsets. I love this corset, I would give it 10 stars if possible.

  • 5
    Love it!!

    Posted by Rida

    I bought one last year, closed in to it, its so cheap and it does the job, so i bought another one - their smallest size and breaking this in now. Super comfortable after been adjusted to ur body. Great corset for the available price!! Ps: my old one i used for a year is still is great shape!

  • 5
    Great corset

    Posted by Laila

    Its super comfortable.. and easy to put on. It doesn't dig into your body. Definitely already seen changes to my waist.

  • 4
    Great product.

    Posted by bella morgan

    I was pleasantly surprised with the corset I ordered. It's very sturdy and the quality is superb. The fabric is comfortable and breathable. It really defines your waist too. The corset strings are also seriously up-to-par. They're crafted really well and seem like they will hold up for a while. I only have 1 small complaint which may just deal with the sizing I picked. (I have a natural 32" waist so I picked the 28" corset.) The corset length is a little long on my torso

  • 4
    Great first corset

    Posted by Caroline

    This corset is absolutely amazing. I have a natural 33 inch waist and i can now close it almost all the way (28 inch corset) it quickly seasoned to my body. my only complaint is that the bones tend to dig in on my right hip. Although i feel like that is less of a corset problem and more of a problem my body has.

  • 5
    Well made

    Posted by Marilyn

    I rate this corset a 5 because it's my first and it appears to be very well made and solid. I ordered a size 30" according to the directions, but almost ordered a smaller size thinking it may be too large as I am trying to lose weight. I am so glad I followed directions because a 28" would have been too small and uncomfortable.

  • 5
    Really good

    Posted by Marie

    my natural waist is 25.5"so I bought a 22". It feels really comfortable. does really work. I wear it during the day and sometimes at night. I really love the product. it is of very good quality and i have had it for 1 year already. I waited so long before rating it because i wanted to be sure of its quality and its definitely of good quality.