Gothic Bridal White Leather Corset Overbust Steel Studded Top

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White Leather Corset

The height of Gothic fashion is the role of the Gothic bride. This stunningly sensual White Studded Corset lets you play the part to perfection. Adorned with adjustable silver buckles and studded steel work the bright white color of this White Leather Corset's soft leather is spectacular. The steel boning and lace tie back keep you tightly bound, while the cotton lining makes the corset comfortable enough to wear for hours. If you’re not sure which size would suit you best, then we are happy to help. We also offer a made to measure service to ensure that you get the corsets that match your personal tastes and style.

  • Adjustable front buckles.
  • Gothic Bridal style overbust corset.
  • Front zip.
  • Traditional lace tie back.
  • Over bust fitting.
  • Steel studs all over the corset.
  • Full steel boned.
  • Traditional lace tie back.

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Your Natural WAIST (INCH  - CM) Your CORSET SIZE Front Length Side Length Back Length
22" /  54-57 cm 18" 14 11.50 11.25
24" /  59-62 cm 20" 14.25 11.75 11.50
26"  /  64-67 cm 22" 14.25 11.75 11.50
28"  /  69-72 cm 24" 14.50 12 11.75
30"  /  74-77 cm 26" 14.50 12.25 11.75
32"  /  79-82 cm 28" 14.75 12.25 12
34"  /  84-87 cm 30" 14.75 12.50 12.25
36"  /  90-93 cm 32" 15 12.75 12.25
38"  /  95-98 cm 34" 15.25 13 12.50
40"  /  100-103 cm 36" 15.50 13.25 12.75
42"  /  105-108 cm 38" 15.75 13.50 13
44"  /  110-113 cm 40" 16 13.75 13.25

We get that making something unique to your size might seem a bit intimidating. But don't stress, it's actually quite simple and there's no need to worry. Especially for our leather items, we offer a special service where we create things that match your exact measurements. This means you'll get something that fits you perfectly, without looking like it's just a copy of someone else's stuff.

All you need to do is fill out a form with your measurements. You can find this form by clicking on a link we'll provide in email. With your measurements in hand, we'll craft the product specifically for you. Our main goal is to give you something that not only fits really well but also boosts your confidence and comfort.

And remember, if you're not totally satisfied with what we make for you, we're always here to work with you to make any necessary changes. Don't hesitate to give our personalised service a try today. You'll see how having something tailor-made for you can make a real difference in how you feel and look.

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  • 5
    Very well made

    Posted by undefined on 30th Jul 2022

    Looks good in picture, even better when you get it. Very soft, lined leather, so super comfortable to wear. Very well made. Bought according to the sizing suggested and fits perfectly.

  • 5
    Very comfy

    Posted by undefined on 30th Jul 2022

    Very comfy, looks better than in the picture.

  • 3
    wrong size

    Posted by Jan Hansen on 30th Dec 2016

    good quality but wrong size

  • 5
    Top quality, looks super sexy and very comfortable

    Posted by CHAMBERS on 26th Oct 2013

    My wife loves this corset as it is so well made, also it is very comfortable to wear, as lined. The detailing is top quality as well. And it goes without saying, it is super sexy as well. Over a year since purchase, and well used, but still looking like new. Built to last.

  • 4
    good corset

    Posted by selina on 21st Apr 2012

    hey i think this corset is really really good but i bioght one which is to tight. normal i have 26inches and with this corset i just have 16-17inches and i think that is really to tight for my first corset i don't know, it is normal that my first corset hurts so much or not? but really a good product

  • 5
    This nice Picture

    Posted by Rose on 8th Mar 2012

    This nice Picture to view. This product also, I think good one.