Curvy Black Satin Underbust Hipster Corset Steel Boned

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Black Corset Underbust

Our hipster Plus Size Underbust Corset covers full waist and sits on the hips. Show off your shape in this black silk underbust corset. Made to fit underneath your bra, this Black Corset Underbust follows the curves of your body to accentuate your assets. Modesty panels in the front and back provide a smooth, finished look while the steel busk and strategically placed steel bones keep everything in place.

Material: Two layers; heavy outer satin (easily wipes clean) and inner twill.
Binding: Satin bias binding in black; machine stitched on both inside and outside.
Waist tape: A 1″ wide waist tape (ribbon) visible on lining side, stitched down at boning channels.
Modesty panel: Attached flexible back lacing protector, also front placket behind busk.
Busk: Heavy busk (1″ wide on each side), about 11.5 inches long.
Boning: 14 bones not including busk: 10 1/4″ wide spiral steel, 4 flats along the back.
Laces: Nylon braided black shoelace-style laces. No breaking/ripping.

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Your Natural
Front Length Side Length Back Length
22'' / 54-57 cm 18'' 12.50 12.75 13
24'' / 59-62 cm 20'' 12.75 13 13.25
26'' / 64-67 cm 22'' 12.85 13 13.35
28'' / 69-72 cm 24'' 13 13.25 13.35
30'' / 74-77 cm 26'' 13.15 13.25 13.50
32'' / 79-82 cm 28'' 13.25 13.50 13.75
34'' / 84-87 cm 30'' 13.50 13.75 14
36'' / 90-93 cm 32'' 13.75 13.95 14.25
38'' / 95-98 cm 34'' 14 14.25 14.50
40'' / 100-103 cm 36'' 14.25 14.40 14.75
42'' / 105-108 cm 38'' 14.35 14.50 14.75
44'' / 110-113 cm 40'' 14.50 14.75 14.85

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  • 4
    Lovely corset, very well built and excellent value

    Posted by Pengelly on 27th Jan 2015

    I ordered this and it came very quickly. It's very strong and sturdy and well designed. It is suitable for tight lacing as well. I am very impressed.

  • 4
    Great for your money!!

    Posted by Saffi on 18th Oct 2013

    This corset is better than I expected! Especially since it's affordable, I love it! I thought I had a long torso but this corset is just shy of being too long.

  • 5
    Fantastic Service !!!!

    Posted by Mona on 18th Feb 2013

    Amazing corset much much better than the pics ...Lovely items to purchase at a very reasonable price ...thank you...